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Forlan is often a best striker presently plays for any Uruguay and Atletico Madrid. In 2010 world cup, he's got been selected as being a best player. He is a successful striker who'll not feel doubt another again and defend. He was given birth to in Montevideo on 19th May 1979 and now plays as strikers to the national team of Uruguayan and Atl??tico Madrid La Liga club. He was very powerful on the ball, he follows best techniques, ability to protect against the contrary team and his awesome best shooting capacity makes him the very best striker around the globe. This makes him to won European Golden Shoe and also the Pichichi Trophy double times and also in FIFA world cup of 2010. He also won the ball produced in gold for the best player.

Forlan born in footballer family where forlan father was also belongs to Uruguayan international. But the Diego forlan would like to became a tennis player nevertheless the accident that has been designed for her sister makes him to choose the football which was his family game. Then he did start to began his career in 1998. In front of the goal he was very agile this will make the folks to attract him coming from all around the world.

In 2002 forlan made his dedut for that national team of Uruguay and in the globe cup of FIFA he will gain maximum score. However, the performance in the globe cup of FIFA conducted this year will be his great performance with a degree of international. The game with south Africa inside band of second he'll gain his first goal. Then he continues to carry on gaining during the competition while using Netherlands, Ghana and Germany to prove that Uruguay continues to be the fourth inside the competition. In the tournament goal, one among his goals may be selected. As the good player of tournament he seemed to be selected by awarding golden ball.

In the tournament of FIFA world cup, one of many player of Latin American forlan is your fourth player who won the golden ball for his best performance. As the great player he finished the entire world cup this year.the ziara nara actress as well as the fashion style of argentine include the here partners of forlan. Coti along with maxi Rodriguez he's got been featured in music video. forlan has scored 2010 world cup five times. Thus the forlan was a prosperous player in football.

The Forlan fan site started for him provides each of the information's as well as the biography of him along with his full history which can be viewed by some of his fan at any time.

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